Welcome to The West Coast Surf SHAC 


The West Coast Surf SHAC is dedicated to sharing our unique Canadian West Coast surfing story through capturing, preserving,

and chronicling its history, art, and culture for the education and enjoyment of future generations.

Canada's West Coast Surf SHAC will also function as a creative exhibition space and will be actively seeking "ocean inspired" artists to 


The West Coast Surf SHAC is about SOHA - surfing, ocean, history, art. These 4 principles stand on a base of love of story and respect.


Exciting news!

The Canadian West Coast Surf SHAC will soon be mobile and will begin collecting interviews to develop the SHAC's Audio Visual

Archive. If you would love to share your Canadian West Coast surfing story, we would love to listen.


Please send an email to for more details of how to become involved


The next year will be focused on funding initiatives, sourcing more stories, surf memorabilias, and photographs, building our "ocean

inspired" artists connections, continuing our presence on the facebook page, and sourcing a temporary location for 2015. This Project

is 100% volunteer based and we are working very hard to bring this amazing and groundbreaking endeavor forward. 

Thank you for your support. Keep the stoke going.